Themed Private Walks

The London Rich

Come with me and discover the stories behind the wealthy and titled individuals who played a key part in developing Westminster during the 17th and 18th centuries. Enjoy the gossip, see where they lived and loved, plotted and deceived, and made and lost fortunes. Visit a shopping arcade where it is forbidden to sing, hum, whistle or behave boisterously. Hear about the oldest and smallest police force in the world and hear how the marriage of a 12 year old girl created one of this countries greatest dukedoms.

Shaken and Stirred

A stealthy walk through the shady world of espionage and intrigue. Fact and fiction combine as we explore the world of James Bond and his creator Ian Fleming and compare this with tales of the real life "spooks" that operated in London from the Cold War onwards. Our tour through the streets of London reveals stories that will delight James Bond aficionados and thrill those intrigued by the amazing stories of spying, murder, double crossing and deceit.

Mayfair Motoring Memories

A leisurely walk through the exclusive and aristocratic streets of Mayfair and St James's. Explore over a hundred years of motoring history in the heart of London. Hear about a group of playboy racing drivers fondly remembered as "great drivers and even better dancers". Learn about the "finest luxury car salesman in the trade". Discover how Count Dracula was involved in London's first drink driving incident. All this and much more whilst exploring one of the most elegant areas of this great city.

By Royal Appointment

In and around St James's you will find some of the oldest retail establishments in London. Join me and discover a shoe shop described by Esquire magazine as "the most beautiful shop in the world", a hat shop where the Duke of Wellington purchased the plumed hat he wore at Waterloo, a wine merchant that has been supplying royalty since the reign of George III, and a cigar shop that can count Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde amongst its illustrious customers.

Royal London

Join me and discover the stories that lie behind a thousand years of royal history in the heart of London. Our current Queen Elizabeth II can trace her lineage back to William the Conqueror. Along the way London has witnessed royal births, coronations, weddings, divorces, executions and endless scandals. Walk with me and see where a king was beheaded in front of a crowd of thousands, see where Henry VIII indulged his passion for jousting, and visit a chapel containing the heart of a queen of England.

Political London

Explore the seat of democracy right here in the heart of Westminster. Hear how we have moved from the divine right of kings to a democratically elected Parliament. Discover why the Queen is banned from entering the House of Commons and why it is illegal to die in the Palace of Westminster. Wherever there are politicians you can be sure to find intrigue, plots, dirty tricks and scandal and Westminster has plenty of stories to keep you amused and entertained.

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